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Physical activity behaviors vary, in part, as a function of conditions in one’s environment (Black J & Macinko, 2008). Broadly considered, environmental factors that affect activity may include characteristics of the built environment, whether urban or rural, personal safety considerations in the surroundings, proximity to parks or recreational resources, ease of transport to settings that favor activity, and air quality and aesthetics of the natural environment where activities are pursued.

Also intimately related to this sector is our awareness and consideration of how all human activity, including physical activity, has clear implications for the quality and preservation of our natural environment. We consume natural resources in an inefficient manner and the sum of these effects on the Earth’s delicate ecosystems should necessarily factor into decision-making on how we devise and implement policies and programs, with the goal of leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. This resource area will guide visitors to policies, research and reports investigating and promoting the connection between physical activity and the environment.