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The WHO estimates that between 2005 and 2015, income loss (in international dollars) could rise to as much as $558 billion in China, $27 billion in India, $27 billion in Russia and $33 billion in the United Kingdom, as a consequence of losses in productivity in the workforce and increases in workforce costs due to chronic disease. It was estimated that physical inactivity, in 1989, cost the U.S. $5.7 billion due to hospitalizations and other related health care costs. According to Katzmarzyk and Janssen, about 2% of total health care costs in Canada in 2001 were directly attributable to physical inactivity.

Currently, NCDs pose a global threat to productivity, performance, development and economic growth in key markets. Improvements in health at work can bring economic benefits to both companies and societies as a whole. This area provides information on workplace health promotion programs promoting physical activity and enhancing employee performance and resources for learning more. As the World Economic Forum sites, "reaching over 50% of the world population, employers can improve productivity and contribute to the economy, while promoting health and well-being for all."